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The Inuit

Life in Harmony with Nature

Inuit and their ancestors have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years. Even though the Inuit way of life is more diversified today than in the past, hunting, fishing and gathering activities for subsistence purposes remain central to life in Nunavik.

Today, Nunavik is inhabited by close to 10,000 Inuit who live in 14 modern villages along the coasts of Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay. Only four of these communities have populations of more than 1000. These are Kuujjuaq, Puvirnituq, Inukjuak and Salluit. While the people’s mother tongue and regular language of communication is Inuktitut, many Inuit speak English as a second language and some French as well.

Over the centuries, Inuit have ingenuously adapted to the severe Arctic. This desert of ice holds few secrets from them. In fact, more than simply surviving, Inuit have learnt to live gracefully with the cold. With surprising skill and swiftness, the most experienced guides are able to erect shelters with the North's most abundant material: snow. A night spent sleeping in an igloo is an unimaginable opportunity to glimpse how life was still being lived by Inuit only a few short decades ago. Although it presents rugged conditions, Nunavik is an ideal location for outdoor activities: dogsledding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Be sure to dress warmly, so you will be able to fully enjoy Nunavik's impressive natural setting.