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Friendly, Beautiful and Wild!



Contrasting the immensity of the Arctic is the cheerful and friendly manner of the Inuit. Let them welcome you warmly to their corner of the world and introduce you to the distinctive characteristics of their cultural and linguistic heritage, art and stories, as well as the making of traditional clothing and tools.

Though today’s economy and way of life are more diversified than in the past, the Inuit remain intimately dependent on the natural environment for their survival. In Nunavik, people will share with you the wealth of their age-old knowledge of animals. As it has been and always will be, the Inuit live in harmony with nature. Environmental conservation and protection are, quite simply, the way things are done.


First-time visitors to Nunavik will always tell you how amazed they are by the breathless beauty and unworldly splendour of sunsets in the North. Nunavik stands in a fabulous place at the edge of the world where an expansive sky endlessly meets a bare horizon and where all your outdoor adventure dreams can come true.

Rivers also wind throughout these impressive landscapes. At times turbulent and flanked by spectacular cliffs while at others calm and inviting, rivers have been used by Inuit as travel routes since the beginning of time. The region's many rivers offer canoe and kayak enthusiasts experiences that will never be forgotten.

And Wild!

Nature in Nunavik is truly wild, unspoiled and dominated by seemingly boundless expanses. The flora, with its many varieties of lichen and tiny, brilliantly coloured flowers, reveals itself during the short but intensive summer.

The summer waters around Nunavik represent a diverse environment and a source of many nutritious foods for the Inuit of the region. Seabirds ply the airs and waters of Nunavik’s more than 2500 kilometres of coastline and bring the region to life with their shrill screeches and calls. Marine mammals are plentiful, including the awesome walrus (aiviq), the secretive narwhal and beluga (qilalugaq), many species of seal, and the mythical polar bear (nanuk). Sightings of any of these species will surely take your breath away.

Terrestrial wildlife in the region is just as diverse. The world's largest caribou herds, totalling almost one million head, roam freely in Nunavik! Not to mention musk-ox (umimmaq) a truly rare species. Who can say, maybe you will have a chance to observe and even photograph these animals, assisted by Inuit guides who possess a thorough knowledge of their habits.

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