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Photo Gallery & Post-Card Mailer

We invite you to see what our beautiful arctic Quebec region, its landscapes, flora and fauna are all about and get a glimpse into the many fun outdoor activities are offered.  Feel free to send any image in our gallery as a postcard to a friend by simply clicking on the round button above the image, clicking submit at the bottom of the page and then completing the brief form.

We make every effort to properly credit all photographs on the Nunavik Tourism Association Web site. If you find any errors or omissions on this site, please report them to Thank you!

The Nunavik Tourism Association wishes to thank Heiko Wittenborn whose photos help showcase the region, its parks, wildlife and communities on this Web site. Unless stated otherwise, all photos are taken by Heiko Wittenborn.

The Nunavik Tourism Association also wishes to thank the other following contributors:

For questions and requests associated with use of the images on this Web site, please contact us at