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An Activity for Every Kind of Outdoor
Enthusiast: Take your Pick!

Caribou by the Hundreds of Thousands

Two distinct and massive herds of tundra caribou roam the wilds of Nunavik. Named after the George River and the Leaf River, these herds make up the largest population of migrating land mammals anywhere on the planet. Learn more about caribou hunting.

A True Fishing Adventure

Nunavik lakes, rivers and coastal waters teem with Arctic char, Atlantic salmon, brook trout and lake trout, offering anglers an abundant renewable resource which has changed little since the beginning of time. Learn more about available fishing packages.

Nature at its Purest

This region of infinite spaces, imposing beauty and spectacular sunsets is inhabited by a legendary people with a rich culture and heartfelt hospitality. Let the Inuit be your guides. Learn more.

Light-filled Winter Skies

Nunavik’s long, cold winter nights offer bold adventurers an ever-changing magical display of Northern lights, known to the Inuit as arsaniit. Learn more about Northern Lights.

The Spirit of the North by Sea

Explore the Arctic and Nunavik’s communities aboard specialized sea vessels. Learn more about Arctic cruises.

Wilderness Parks

A priority for Nunavik’s Inuit population, ongoing parks development is intended to offer protection to the region’s fragile environment and incredible beauty, while being compatible with continued Inuit subsistence harvesting activities. Learn more about Nunavik parks.