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The Spirit of the North by Sea

To truly experience the Arctic is to understand the essential Inuit belief that everything in nature is infused with the spirit of life. The Arctic is a vast dreamscape of serene beauty and seemingly impossible contradictions of nature. In a precarious balance of survival, delicate wildflowers carpet rocky tundra amidst a surprising abundance of wildlife.

Sea expeditions offer exceptional opportunities to encounter a wide variety of birds and animals in their natural habitats. The sightings are sometimes unpredictable, and can be sudden and dramatic: the screech of half-million cliff-nesting, thick-billed murres, the quiet breathing of beluga whales, the cacophony of a walrus colony, or the playful company of minke whales.

Explore remote outposts and retrace the long forgotten paths of European explorers. Visit Inuit communities and see, first hand, how many residents continue to practice an ancient way of life. Or just relax on deck with a cup of tea and binoculars, and quietly take in the natural splendor of the Arctic.





All photos on this page are compliments of Cruise North Expeditions Inc.